The entire product development and manufacturing phases take place within the company and are meant to get the highest resistance and to eliminate any possible problem a product might have, in order to maintain the same exceptional cleaning results over time.
The different production processes are kept under constant control, by testing and inspecting incoming products and components, carrying out controls the during the production phases, with inspections and tests on finished products, as following:

1 power and electric current required
2 heating
3 leakage current and dielectric strength at working temperature
4 humidity resistance test
5 stability against mechanical hazards
6 mechanical strength
7 corrosion resistance
8 creepage distances, clearances and distance through insulation

The premise behind is also given by an always well-trained and efficient technical staff and with the precious collaboration of trustworthy suppliers, with whom Gisowatt has a long-lasting relationship.
The company team is deeply committed to guarantee expertise and reliability of all products.
As a matter of fact, the company success comes from constant improvement, reliability and high flexibility, a great value also for its international customers.
Furthermore, Gisowatt also works closely with its clients, in order to offer always more efficient products, specifically designed to answer to all market needs.


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